AHS Honey Blonde (6B) - ALL GRAIN Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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This pale American blonde has a slight honey aftertaste.

Specialty malts: flaked barley, honey malt
Featured hops: Galena
Other additives: honey

O.G. = 1.042
F.G. = 1.009
Approximately 4.3% ABV
Approximately 145 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

I've brewed this one twice with great results both times. This last time to try to bring out the honey flavor, I added honey to boil at flame out and I also primed with 6 oz of honey as opposed to the priming sugar. Most will tell you this doesn't make a difference, but on this one, it does! Get a good strong flavored honey and it makes a difference you can actually taste. This is my go-to easy drinking beer. Oh, and the color of the beer is beautiful!

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

I think that this one will be good. i haven't tasted it yet but everything seem to come out perfect.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

I was really impressed. Definitely one of the best beers I have brewed so far. I recommend you give it a try.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

I Brewed this beer exactly the way to the directions. I used a dry ale yeast and fermented it for a week. I then put the beer into a seconday for a week. This beer is a great beer to serve guest. Its not too strong but has a nice hint of honey flavor to it. I will brew this one again.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Great tasting beer. Very clean and refreshing with just a hint of honey sweetness.

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