AHS Chocolate Stout (13E) - ALL GRAIN Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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This dark and rich beer has what you need. It's a robust stout with some Belgian cocoa!

Specialty malts: chocolate malt, English Crystal, black roasted barley, Black Patent, Flaked Oats
Featured hops: Willamette
Other additives: Belgian Cocoa

O.G. = 1.052
F.G. = 1.016
Approximately 4.7% ABV
Approximately 175 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

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AHS Chocolate Stout (13E) - ALL GRAIN Homebrew Ingredient Kit

Ian Hebert
Nice, easy drinking stout!

I just tapped this one and am quite pleased. No changes were made, but I missed my gravity by about 10 points due to a too-fast sparge. The chocolate flavor is there but very subtle. I brewed using my Mash and Boil and did a no-chill method. Highly recommended even with my errors!

Great Kit!

I brewed the mini mash version on 1-9-16. Left it in primary for 3 weeks and added the malto dextrin during the boil for some more body. I also added 1# of lactose at bottling to make a sweet stout. After 2 weeks in the bottle it has a great mouthfeel thanks to the oats and maltodextrin. Really good taste from the cocoa! This is a great kit by itself or as a base for any kind of stout you are making. I am definetly going to make it again this summer and let it sit until the winter, but on the next time I will also add a secondary with oak chips and vanilla soaked in bourbon now that I know what the base tastes like. Go ahead and get this, you won't be disappointed!


I brewed the mini-mash version to create a mocha stout. Made French press coffee with the wort at the end of the boil that I added back in before fermentation. Lots of positive feedback from friends who wanted more! I imagine it's great on its own, but it certainly was a hit with the added coffee.


Brewed this all grain as my first non BIAB all grain batch and it is rapidly shaping up to be one of the best beers I have ever brewed. This is tasting it at the point it was put into a keg. Should only get better from here. The only tweak to the recipe that I made was to soak about 1oz. of cacao nibs in bourbon and add them in the secondary fermenter. I will without question brew this again, but will likely bottle into bombers rather than keg.

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