AHS Baltic Porter (12C) - MINI MASH Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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Baltic porters are traditional higher in alcohol, so they could be shipped and enjoyed over the Baltic. This porter is a dark reddish copper in color, robust, and malty in flavor. It is similar to Baltika Porter.

Specialty malts: black Patent, chocolate malt, English Crystal, de-bittered black, English Crystal
Featured hops: Nugget, Saaz

O.G. = 1.078
F.G. = 1.019
Approximately 7.7% ABV
Approximately 268 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

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First Mini-Mash Brew - Baltic Porter

This was my first attempt at a mini-mash brew. It was a bit different but not difficult or overwhelming.

The muslin bag that I received was far too small to hold all the grain. I had to run to the local brew shop and purchase 2 larger ones. The other thing I would suggest is to read, read, READ the instructions before beginning the brew and make notes as needed to ensure you add everything at the appropriate times.

Tasting the Baltic Porter for the first time: It's a bit boozy! Not that I'm opposed to higher alcohol beer, but I'm hoping the longer it ages the less boozy it will become and allow the flavors to come out. The recipe said it would be about 7.7%ABV, mine came in at 8.2%ABV! Again, not outrageous, but haven't quite determined why mine came out higher. I also added 1 dram of pecan flavoring, however, I cannot taste the pecan. I can smell it a little, but no flavor. Maybe needs a bit more pecan flavoring next time?
All in all, this is the best tasting beer I've done and I'm looking forward to moving to an all-grain brew. Maybe trying the Baltic Porter again in an all-grain brew? Very pleased with the outcome!

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