Abita Purple Haze (21A) - EXTRACT Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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Abita Purple Haze (21A) - EXTRACT Homebrew Ingredient Kit

Clone Extract Dark Ale Recipe Kit

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Overhauled the recipe 3/25/2015. Updated the malts, hops, and yeast to a German style lager.
The Abita Brewing Company. Abita Springs, Louisiana.

Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

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Jay Wright
Abita Purple Haze (21A) - EXTRACT Homebrew Ingredient Kit

Simple and effective. Not quite there but it close and good.


I ordered turbo dog clone but I think I got this upgraded purple haze as after the first few sips I was taken by the berry after taste. It has a nice creamy feel and chocolaty undertone with a woody hint. Its Hard to get that Abita spring water feel so mine tastes dry by comparison even tho I used bottled spring water.

Its Okay

One of my friends called it a cross between Abita Purple Haze and Shocktop Rasp Wheat. Its okay, but the raspberry extract gives the beer a very fake taste. It mellows out over time, but that really fake 'tart' persists and nearly kills the beer for me.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Bottled yesterday F.G. reading was 1.012 corrected so with the math provided by AHS and it comes out to 4.9 a little higher than my estimate of 4.4 to 4.5. when adding the extract the smell going into the bottles was very nice. I am not sure I can wait the two weeks.... And as the first reviewer stated this was very close to the commercial product in color/clarity.....I can't wait to try it...next up Smithwick Ale AHS Style....

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Had the first one last night....( I confess I couldn't wait the full two weeks) came out great. My Mrs. who is not a huge beer drinker liked it a lot. Said the raspberry ending was great...Did a side by side pour of the commercial version and mine. The AHS recipe was a little darker and my wife said tasted better...she said it seemed to have more character. I thought it held the head well.....tasted great with some Lou Malnati's Pizza as well...This one will age out great.

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