Wunder Grain - 10 lb

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10 lb bag of mystery grain
This is a 10 lb bag of mixed grain malt resulting over-mills or errors. We do our best to prevent every error, but sometimes it happens, so we offer you a discounted malt to experiment with. It is not known the exact type of grains or the ratio or combination of base to specialty grains in these bags. Nevertheless this has become one of our most popular grains. Try our AHS All-Grain Wild Card Ale which utilizes this grain!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
michael temple
Wunder Grain

Always liked what I got. It's like life you never know what you're going to get

Carlos Villarreal
Wunder Grain

A great deal for the price. Not much if any dark grains in this mix. Should make an excellent for an excellent IPA or APA!

Daniel Gates
Perfecly usable base grain

I bought 4 of these and for the price it is great, plus free shipping at $55. I recracked the grains to maintain consistency for the mash. I typically use 8 pounds to a 5.5 gallon batch so I can stretch my 40 pound purchase to 5 batches. 2 of my bags had a small amount of dark grains, probably less than 1% so I didn't have any issue considering my recipe choices. My first brew was a simple porter that has turned out very nice.

Juan Rivera
Amazing choice

I have been a home brewer for about only 1 year and most cases I get the recipe kits. I ordered this product to start braking out of my shell and try to be more creative. As I mashed I winged the hops additions and as it was boiling I tasted and added more hops if it was needed. I ordered 4 and I ended up with 4 amazing one in a life time 5 gallons of beer. A friend of mine whoís been home brewing for over 6 years asked me for the grain bill to replicate one of the beers but I had to tell him that I didnít know since it was this product. You canít beat this price for what you get as an end product. Will definitely order again!

Jason W.
Awesome Grains for a Great Mystery Beer

I can confirm that Wunder grain purchased 11/30/19 no longer contains any smoked malt (or a level so low I can't taste it). Hopefully AHB will consider never adding mistakenly milled smoked malts to the Wunder mix again. I used 10lbs of Wunder grains, 25 IBU's of Cascade and Columbus @60/10/0 evenly split between additions and an English ale strain. The beer turned out to be a very nice dark amber with ruby highlights. Probably in the 16-18 SRM range right now, if I had to guess. It's a dead ringer for the color of cola in the glass. At 25 IBU's the malt stands up quit nice and it's got a nice complexity to it. I was concerned about it being over the top crystal, but it wasn't at all. Overall I'm very please with this purchase and if you just need some cheap grains to make a good beer don't over look this. My next batch will use 10lbs of this grain and 10lbs of pilsner malt for a 10g amber lager batch.

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