Wine and Cider Kegging System with Single Tap Tower

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Wine & Cider Kegging Kit
Wine and Cider Kegging System with Single Tap Tower

Wine and Ciders lovers rejoice!

This kit includes all the necessary components to start dispensing homemade wine or cider from a single keg with a gorgeous, stainless steel, single tap draft tower. The included steel nitrogen tank and regulator will ensure that your wine or cider will pour smoothly. Install your tower on as a counter top feature or part of a kegerator. Choose your keg above and start the vino flowing!

- Nitrogen regulator with 5/16" barb outlet and check valve
- Steel Nitrogen Tank
- Single Faucet Draft Tower
- Stainless Steel Wine Faucet
- Black plastic faucet handle
- Faucet wrench
- Ball lock liquid disconnect
- Ball lock gas disconnect
- 5 ft of 5/16" gas line with 1/4" mfl fittings
- All needed hose clamps
- Your choice of Ball Lock Keg!

*Please Note: Nitrogen tank ships empty. We cannot ship filled nitrogen tanks

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