Vegetable Rennet Tablet - 5 ct

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A vegetable-derived rennet. Store in the freezer. A package of ten tablets.

Rennet is a substance used to coagulate milk. It contains enzymes that act on the milk protein, causing it to separate into curds (solids) and whey (liquid). Milk will naturally curdle over time, but it will be too acidic. Rennet causes coagulation to occur while the milk is still sweet. There are various plants and molds that have coagulating properties. Vegetable rennet produced today contains an enzyme derived from a mold.

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Customer Reviews

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Judy Goblirsch
Did what it was supposed to do

I used this product to make homemade cream cheese! I didnít think it was working but when I reached the final product processing time, (which was 24 hours) it made for a very great batch of cream cheese!

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