Stainless Steel Brewmaster Kettle - 25 Gallon

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Stainless Steel Brewmaster Kettle - 25 Gallon

A great kettle for any brewer! This versatile brew pot features silicone handle grips, internal volume markers, and two welded couplers for internal and external attachments. The Brewmaster 25 Gallon Brew Kettle also includes a ball valve assembly and kettle plug to use on your couplers. Great for customizing your brew pot, these couplers allow you to add useful brewing accessories such as thermometers, kettle screens or even false bottom.

Brewmaster 25 Gallon Kettle Features:
- Stainless Steel Brew pot with 25 gallon capacity
- Two 1/2" Welded Couplers
- 1/2" Stainless Steel Ball Valve Assembly
- 1/2" Stainless Steel Kettle Plug
- Internal Volume Markings
-kettle constructed of 201 Stainless steel

Internal Dimensions:
- Height: 23.5"
- Diameter: 17.75"

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