Soft Pretzel & Beer Cheese Making Kit

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Soft Pretzel & Beer Cheese Making Kit

The absolute ruler of bar snacks, a warm soft pretzel with beer cheese for dipping is a must for beerhalls and bars around the world. The combination of savory and salty flavors is an absolute treat that you can easily recreate in your very own home. Fun for the entire family, homemade soft pretzels and hand crafted beer cheese are enjoyable for everyone.

Half baking kit and half cheesemaking kit, this is guaranteed to be a tasty treat for anyone! This kit includes:
- Soft Pretzel: Ingredients to make delicious traditional style pretzels that can be dusted with coarse salt and are high dippable and insanely shareable!
- Beer Cheese: This homemade beer cheese is tangy with a beer-filled nutty sweetness. Take your pretzels to a new, savory height with this phenomenal beer cheese. Use any beer you'd like in the recipe to tailor your cheese to your flavors.

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