Single Faucet Wine Kegerator Kit (No Fridge)

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Wine & Cider Kegerator System
Single Faucet Wine Kegerator Kit (No Fridge)

Convert your refrigerator to a Wine Kegerator that has been specially designed to dispense wine using a nitrogen gas system. A specialty faucet, constructed of stainless steel, ensures that the increased acidity of your wine won't corrode your faucet, preventing off flavors and making sure every glass you pour is delicious. The nitrogen gas system includes a 5 lb. Steel Tank and Regulator with all the necessary hoses for pressurizing your wine keg for dispensing.*

Want to set up a vertical draft tower? Check out the options above to add a Single Faucet Draft Tower!

-Stainless Steel Wine Faucet with Traditional Black Tap Handle
-Stainless Steel 3.125" Shank
-Nitrogen Regulator
-5 feet of beer line with Swivel MFL Connection
-Gas Line with MFL swivel fittings
-5 lb. Steel Nitrogen Tank

*Nitrogen Gas System use a mix of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Please consult a local gas distributer for proper filling.

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