Schrader Check Valve for Keg Sprayers

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Schrader with Check Valve
Schrader Check Valve for Keg Sprayers

Corny kegs are for more than just homebrewers! There are many ways to use your cornelius keg, and converting it into a keg sprayer is a great way to utilize it for window tinting applications, carpet cleaning applications and even more. This simple fitting easily convert your corny keg into a keg sprayer. To install, simply remove the gas post and poppet that come with the lid and set aside, you won't need those for this application. Leave the gas dip tube and grommet in the lid and screw on the Schrader Check Valve until snug. After installing the fitting on your keg, connect an air compressor and you can apply air to the keg through the Schrader Check Valve.

*Please Note: This is a Schrader Check Valve that has a 19/32-18 female thread that will fit on any corny keg with a 19/32-18 thread. Make sure you don't have Firestone kegs because these will NOT fit the 9/16-18 threads.

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