Robobrew V3.1.1 Brewing System with Pump (220V) - 9.25 Gallon

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Robobrew V3.1.1 Brewing System with Pump (220V) - 9.25 Gallon

NEW UPDATED VERSION! An all-in-one brewing system that makes it easy to jump into all grain brewing! The Version 3.1.1 Robobrew features all the same amazing features as previous version but with some incredible new upgrades. This newer, more powerful Robobrew requires a 220V plug and boasts an astonishing 2400 watts of heating power. It also includes Automatic Step Mashing with up to 6 programmable stages. Each of the 6 stages can be programmed to individual temperatures and durations to precisely control your step mash. Not using that many stages, simply set your time to 00:00 and the Robobrew will automatically skip to the next step.

The V3.1.1 unit features an upgraded main circuit board that changes how
the automatic step mashing functions. Now when moving from step to
step, the timer for each step will not begin counting down until the
programmed temperature is reached. This means more accurate mash
schedules than ever before! The new board also introduces boil addition
timers so you'll never miss the mark for hop additions.

The Robobrew All Grain Brewing System is an easy to use, electrical brewing system that will have you leaving all those sticky extract batches in the dust. This extremely portable plug and brew system features a 9.25 gallon capacity and dual heating element powered from a single 220 volt plug that have separate switches allowing more control over the heating process. The 1900 watt and 500 watt elements combine for a massive 2400 watts of power. Use one element to maintain temperature, or flip on both elements to ramp up the heat for mashing or boiling. The Robobrew also includes a built in magnetic drive pump to recirculate your wort during the mash to achieve maximum efficiency. It is recommended to use silicone tubing with the recirculation arm, giving you more control and also serves as a convenient tubing for transferring your brew into the fermenter with the pump as well. Set and monitor your temperatures with the on-board water resistant control panel. Use its convenient delayed start feature (up to 23 hours in advance) to heat your brewing water up so its ready to use in the morning or after you get home from work. The stainless steel malt pipe is easily removable and makes switching from a mash tun to a boil kettle a breeze. Malt Pipe includes a handle for easy lifting and bottom tabs to keep the pipe stable over the Robobrew to properly drain the wort. The included immersion chiller will help cool your batch off after boiling to pitch temperature. The Robobrew features etched gallon marking on the interior and 1/2" stainless steel ball valve for easy transferring.

Robobrew Features:
-Stainless Steel Construction
-9 Gallon Capacity (35 L)
-Dual Heating Elements (1900 watts & 500 watts)
-Automatic Step Mashing with 6 programmable stages
-Magnetic Drive Pump for Recirculation
-Recirculation Arm
-Stainless Steel Malt Pipe
-Digital Temperature Controller
-Stainless Steel 1/2" Ball Valve
-Included Immersion Wort Chiller
-Glass Lid
-220 volt plug

Height - 32.75" (with Recirculation Arm)
Diameter - 12.5"

**Manual References an element from a different market. This unit comes with two heating elements for a total of 2400 watts.**

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