Pellet Hops - Super Alpha (Dr. Rudi) (NZ) - 1 lb

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Super Alpha (Dr. Rudi) Hop Pellets (NZ) - 1 lb

This New Zealand hop (recently renamed Dr. Rudi in honor of the "father of New Zealand hops") is a seasoned veteran of the craft brewing scene in the Southern Hemisphere, released originally in 1976. It is a high-alpha triploid bred from an open cross of smoothcone. It has moderate aromas and flavors, predominately sweetly grassy with overtones of lemongrass, pine sap, and dried fruit.

Intended as a bittering hop, like most New Zealand hops, Super Alpha makes a great late addition or dry hop.

Alpha Acid Range % - 10.0-12.0
Beta Acid Range % - 7.0-8.5
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha - 36-39
Total Oils mls/100 gr. - 1.0-1.4

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