O2 to Go Yeast Viability Kit Version 3.0

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O2 to Go Yeast Viability Kit Version 3.0

Improving the quality of your homebrew is simple and the brewing process has many levels of TLC. Oxygenating your wort is just one of these steps that will create a better beer. Simply put, yeast needs oxygen to perform at optimal levels. There are many ways to do this, you can rock that carboy or bucket of wort, but there's only so much oxygen you can get into wort using this method.

The O2 To Go (Yeast Viability Kit 3.0) is much quicker and easier than agitation! This kit comes with a heavy duty oxygen regulator with a 0-30 PSI gauge.

By giving your yeast the oxygen they need to start fermentation fast and finish strong, this will add that next level to the quality of your beer. Easily infuse wort with pure oxygen in less than a minute, by maximizing the level of dissolved oxygen to dramatically decrease lag time and vastly improved yeast attenuation.

Oxygenation is as important as yeast pitching rate for high-gravity beers and lagers. Providing the yeast with pure oxygen is the best way to ensure they produce a premium beer.

This kit comes assembled and includes:
1-Mini Oxygen Regulator w/Gauge
1-16" Aeration Wand with 2.0 Micron Tip
5-Feet of Antimicrobial Tubing
1-Spyder Clamp

All you will need is a disposable oxygen tank, we offer these as well, AVAILABLE HERE!

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