Nesco Jerky Works Jumbo Jerky Gun & Spices

Item Number: 930-BJX-5

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Nesco Jerky Works Jumbo Jerky Gun & Spices

A perfect addition to your home jerky-making arsenal! The Jerky Works Jumbo Jerky Gun is a must for anyone making jerky at home, combining a stainless steel trigger & ratchet bar with a large capacity tank. The gun can hold up to 1 lb. of ground meat. This gives your more time to actually make jerky, not wasting hours filling the packing cylinder. The Jumbo Jerky Gun has 3 separate tip attachments for making jerky strips, jerky sticks, or double strips, giving you even more options to enjoy your homemade jerky. This kit also includes 5 packs of original flavor jerky spice and 5 cure packets so you can start making jerky right away!

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