Muntons Ale Dry Yeast

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6 gram package.
A traditional ale yeast from England, this yeast has very hardy characteristics and will tolerate a wide variety of temperature variations during fermentation.

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Customer Reviews

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M&F cheap yeast is great for British-style beers

I bought a wide variety of dry yeast last year and have tried them allóa couple of batches for each one. No, it wasnít the same recipe for all of the yeasts; I chose to-style recipe according to yeast. I can say that I was very impressed with the speed, vigor and taste results of this low-priced Munton & Fison yeast. The package doesnít have any style description and itís not a popular yeast on the Internet, but it did great on a Cigar City Maduro Brown clone, a Tropical Stout, and a Strong Bitter. As a cheap back up for when disaster strikes, buy a pack and try it. If you donít rack carefully and it gets into your bottles, the sediment is powdery and itíll cloud up your pour. Easily avoidable, but the only demerit Iíd give it.

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