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Cologne base malt is a light and sweet malt used for brewing traditional Kölsch-type beers as well as other styles. It has a slight biscuity flavor, and can be used in a single infusion or multi-step mash. This malt is produced in the Cologne (Köln) area of Germany, the home of Kölsch beers. This malt may be used for up to 100% of mash grains.
4.4 L

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Customer Reviews

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Very nice

I had never used this malt before and as Kolsch's are one of my favorite beer styles I was very happy to find it. Made a smash with this malt, hallertau and us05 to bring the malt into its own. It has a very nice honey color and a delicious malt taste with a hint of honey. I will be using it again to make an actual kolsch style brew.

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