Kettle Hop Spider

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Kettle Hop Spider

Make your hop additions with ease with the Hop Spider. Constructed of stainless steel, this Hop Spider features 3 arms connected to a central ring that allows you to attach a nylon hop bag to quickly and easily add hops to your boil. The open, free hanging design of the Hop Spider means your hops will be more evenly distributed throughout your batch, prevents clumping and reduces vegetal hop matter in your beer. The arms are also adjustable, allowing the Hop Spider to fit a wide variety of kettle sizes, large or small. Each arm also features an anti-slip silicone sleeve on the tip to ensure a firm grip. Extract homebrewers can even use the Kettle Hop Spider to steep their grains during the beginning of the brew.

Arm Length - 9"
Central Ring Diameter - 3.75"

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