Keg Sprayer Dual Sprayer Conversion Kit

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Dual Sprayer Conversion Kit
Keg Sprayer Dual Sprayer Conversion Kit

Convert your keg for use with dual sprayers! This kit includes everything you need to do the job. When you get your dual conversion kit, you simply remove the gas post on the lid and set this aside you won't be using this. Leave the gas tube and grommet in the lid. Then you attach the Schrader Valve to the lid and tighten until snug. Then take the gas post and gas tube off the keg and install the liquid dip tube with grommet and liquid post with poppet. Hose assemblies sold separately, please see our add on section.

Dual Sprayer Conversion Kit Includes:
-Keg Lid with O-Ring
-Schrader Check Valve
-24" New Liquid Dip Tube
-New Liquid Post (19/32-18 Thread)

*Please Note: This will only fit Cornelius brand kegs with a 19/32-18 threaded post. Make sure you don't have Firestone kegs because these will NOT fit the 9/16-18 threads.

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