Intertap Stainless Steel Faucet Shank - 4 in.

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Intertap Stainless Steel Faucet Shank - 4 in.

This 4 in. shank will come with a back nut, a plastic collar, a hex nut, and a 1/4" barb. The total length with barb is 5 1/8", or 4" without the barb. Once properly set up, the shank has approximately 2 1/8" of length (between collar and back nut) to pass through whatever you intend to install your shank in, whether through a wall, fridge door, or cooler. Requires a 1" hole saw for proper installation.

***Please Use Caution When Drilling***
**Note on Installation: Before installing in a fridge, be sure to check that there are no coolant lines where you intend to drill. To test for coolant lines, start with a warm fridge or freezer and then plug unit in with an open lid. Condensation should form on the location where the lines are running. Cornstarch can also be applied to the interior, where it will adhere to the locations where the lines are running.

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