Igloo Cooler Replacement Spigot (White)

Item Number: 99-8675309

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Need a new spigot?
Get your igloo cooler replacement spigot here to fix your beverage cooler as good as new!
White, front push button-style spigot fits all Igloo 2-10 gallon beverage coolers.

Includes: 1 spigot with Gasketed Nut

-Fits all Igloo 2-, 3-, 5- and 10-gallon beverage coolers
-Easily installed – place spigot through cooler, screw down gasketed nut
-Front access, push button-style spigot
-Spigot is recessed once installed, making it less prone to shearing off
-Angled pour spout for easy dispensing
-Drip-resistant valve

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