Harris CO2 Regulator

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Harris CO2 Regulator

This new, industrial strength regulator was designed specifically for homebrewers. Features two gauges withe rubber protection boots, one low pressure gauge with an operating pressure of 0-60 PSI and a high pressure gauge with an operating pressure of 0-3000 PSI. Each Harris Regulator has includes a 7 year warranty. Harris Regulators have been known for building quality products for the welding world since 1899. The Harris Products Group has a firm foundation in the equipment and alloys used in brazing, soldering, welding, cutting, heating and gas control.

- 2 Rubber Protection Boots
- Low Pressure Gauge - 0-60 PSI
- High Pressure Gauge - 0-3000 PSI
- Proven encapsuled seat for longer service life
- Traditional Metal Construction that meets and exceeds American standards

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