GrowlerWerks uKeg Maintenance Tool Kit

Item Number: 19-GL704

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GrowlerWerks uKeg Maintenance Tool Kit

Keep your GrowlerWerks uKeg in tip-top shape with this convenient maintenance tool kit. This kit includes everything needed to clean and replace pieces of your uKeg, and comes with a carabiner and canvas pouch to keep your tool kit organized.

Tool Kit Includes:
- uKeg Maintenance Tool
- uKeg Cleaning Tablets (2)
- Bottle Cleaning Brush
- Cap Screw Driver
- 1.5mm Allen Wrench
- Silicone Grease Tube
- Replacement O-Rings (2 Sight Glass O-Rings, 2 Riser Tube O-Rings, 1 Cap O-Ring, 1 Pressure Gauge O-Ring, 1 Tap Shuttle O-Ring)
- Cartridge Seals (2) and Cartridge Sleeve Plug
- Canvas Carrying Pouch and Carabiner

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