FastFerment Plastic Conical Fermenter

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The FastFerment is a food grade plastic (HDPE) 7.9 gallon conical fermenter. Conical fermeters make fermenting easy because primary and secondary fermentation to be in the same container. Instead of racking the beer or wine off the sediment, the sediment is removed from the bottom. This helps reduce the amount of oxygen exposure and makes contamination less likely.

The FastFerment conveniently mounts on the wall to make bottling and kegging easy, or it can be used with an optional stand. It hold 7.9 gallons which is perfect for 5 gallon beer batches or 6 gallon wine recipes. It also features a collection ball for easy yeast harvesting.

Features and specs:
  • Holds 7.9 US gallons
  • Made from food grade HDPE plastic
  • 6" removable top for easy cleaning
  • Includes wall mounting system for standard 16" studs
  • Includes a collection ball for harvesting yeast
  • Includes a 1" valve for fast dumping
  • Includes a thermowell for option thermometer
  • Includes 1/2" hose and clamps
  • Height 35.5" from the bottom of the collection ball to the top of the airlock
  • Width: 14.75" with wall mounting bolts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William E. Lee

Good fermenter almost all trub and yeast falls down the steep sides into the bottom bottle. Remove and discard yeast for secondary fermentation. Has a great attachment for easy peesy filling bottles.

Samuel Pickard
Great affordable conical

I have finished 2 brews with my fast ferment and I am impressed so far. It can be unwieldy, so have a good plan for filling and mounting and practice with water before you try it with wort. Easy to get clear beers and harvest yeast. I have room to mount another in my ferm chamber and hope to add one soon.

Tubgirl's Photographer
Great, once it's working

I've been homebrewing in glass carboys for 25 years (since I was a wee lad); the FastFerment is my first conical. While setup was more than a little cumbersome, using it has been a dream. Do yourself a favor and get the carrying strap and the stand. Even if you plan to wall-mount it, the strap and stand make it easier to manage during sanitation, wort oxygenation and pitching. The thermometer accessory doesn't seem very accurate. Using the ball to drop trub and "rack" to secondary is super easy. My FastFerment's first batch is in secondary now. The included bottle filling adapter is a bit primitive (1/2" hose with a pinch clamp to control). I'd suggest getting a longer length of 1/2" tube and a 1/2" bottle filler. Knocked a star off for the amount of setup work. You need a lot of not-included accessories to really make this work, which drives the value down. But I am considering buying a second to run two batches at the same time.


Great product very happy with the way it works.

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