Easy Double Lever Corker

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A levered corker is an improvement over the plunger design. As the name implies, leverage is used to push the cork through a tapered tube that compresses the cork to fit it into the bottle. The Easy Double Lever Corker is our lowest priced corker that has an adjustment for the depth of cork insertion. It has longer handles than the Portuguese double lever corker, making the Easy Corker easier to use. A spring in the nylon body centers the corker on the bottle when the levers are pushed. There is another spring on the plunger shaft to lift the handles back up after the cork has been inserted.

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Customer Reviews

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tom hopkins
Quite a corker

Nice tool. Gives you a moderate work out so you build up a thirst. Very easy to use, fast and simple. My one concern is that it cut a small part of the top edge of the cork off. Cosmetic only and may have been due to my operation or the cork. It will last a lifetime!

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