Congou Black Tea Kombucha Starter Kit

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Congou Black Tea Kombucha Starter Kit

Craft your own kombucha at home!

Brew your own delicious kombucha at home with this simple starter kit with easy to follow instructions. This kit combines that amazing flavors of organic tea with a live SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast) culture to craft 1 GALLON of your own homemade Black Tea Kombucha. This orangic congou black tea is sourced from Keemun, China and bursting with brisk, rich flavor finishing with a refreshingly light sweetness. Congou tea is commonly used as a starter when making kombucha and makes an incredibly tasty batch!

Each kit comes with detailed instructions to begin your kombucha fermentation. Your 1 gallon of kombucha will be ready in as little as 14 days, and you only have to add sugar and water! The Brewing Guide includes all the know-how to start your SCOBY fermenting and to keep it fermenting for batch after delicious batch. It details the equipment necessary, all the proper steps for proper kombucha making, and helpful hints to troubleshoot any pesky issues. Check it out HERE!

Kit Includes:
-Live Kombucha Culture
-Organic Congou Black Tea
-Brewing Guide

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