Brewing Gloves from Blichmann (Extra Large)

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Extra Large Brewing Gloves
Brewing Gloves from Blichmann (Extra Large)

These industrial-grade brewing gloves are standard-issue in commercial breweries. Brew like the professionals with these must have brewing gloves.

Benefits of these gloves for the serious homebrewer include:

· Gloves reduce your risk of burns and scalds.

· Harmful sanitizers, acids, and caustic chemicals are kept away from your skin.

· Because gloves can themselves be effectively sanitized, they help you maintain sanitized equipment.

· Elbow-length size allows you to reach into 5 gallon pails.

· The tear- and puncture-resistant nitrile rubber is 28 mil thick — up to four times that of household gloves — while maintaining great feel and dexterity.


Gloves are available in Medium (size 9), Large (size 10), and Extra Large (size 11). To select your size, measure the circumference of your hand in inches at the knuckles using a flexible fabric tape or a piece of string. That measurement corresponds with the glove number size. For half sizes, round up to the next size.

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