Brewer's Orchard Natural Peach Fruit Puree - 4.4 lbs

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Brewer's Orchard Natural Peach Fruit Puree - 4.4 lbs

Natural product, undiluted, not concentrated, not fermented, preservative-free, obtained from the disintegration and sieving of the edible fraction of the ripe, healthy and clean strawberry fruit. Naturally fat-free and cholesterol-free, low content in sodium, contains 100% non-GMO fruit pureé.

Peach puree will add a fruity, sweet and mildly acidic flavor to whatever beverage you're making. This puree would be great in fruit wines, meads, ciders or beer! Peaches work well in lighter beer styles that will benefit from a bit of sweetness - cream ales, wheat beers or blondes. You could also use this to make peach bellinis! Peach melomels are quite delicious, as well.

Store in a cool, dry place at temperatures below 75F. In temperatures above 75F it is recommended to refrigerate below 43F . Once opened, the product should be consumed as soon as possible and kept refrigerated or frozen.

Type: puree
Flavor: peach
Brix: 16-18
pH: 3.2-4.1
Color: yellow
Amount: 4.4 lbs

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