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OSLO is a modern take on traditional Norwegian farmhouse brewing cultures. OSLO can comfortably produce beautifully clean, lager-like beers at temperatures as high as 98F (37C) without noticeable off flavors. At the high end of fermentation temperature, beers can finish attenuating in as little as three days! This culture’s versatility and neutral flavor profile allows you to effortlessly produce most beer styles.

Bootleg is the first yeast lab to release this unique Kveik-family culture sourced from a raw beer made by their good friends at Eik & Tid in Oslo, Norway.

BBOSL OSLO Yeast Description:

  • Flavor/Aroma: Clean, lager-like flavor profile, with no expected off flavors or phenols at high temperatures
  • Fermentation Temp: 85 - 98°F
  • Attenuation: 76 - 86%
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Final pH: 4.3 - 4.6
  • Source: Unique Kveik-family culture sourced from a raw beer made by our good friends at Eik & Tid in Oslo, Norway.

This culture is part of Bootleg's Dusty Bottoms Collection™ and is their ode to unique and hard-to-find cultures sourced from commercial fermentations. As much as we love local yeast, there are just some flavors and aromas that can’t be reproduced by plucking yeast out of thin air. Many of these cultures have been used for generations to make some of the most consistently wonderful beverages in the world. Whether it’s brewer’s yeast, Brettanomyces, or Lactobacillus…these aren’t Local Yeast by our definition, but certainly were local at one time. 

From crispy lagers and juicy IPAs to complex mixed fermentations, Bootleg Biology has a culture for every brew. 

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