BoilerMaker False Bottom - 10 gallon

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BoilerMaker False Bottom - 10 gallon

This false bottom is specifically for the BoilerMaker 10 gallon brew pot. Fits both G1 and G2 BoilerMakers. 13.4" in Diameter.

This patent pending button louver false bottom is a hybrid of a perforated screen (high efficiency) and a slotted manifold (plug resistance), combining the best of both types into one. This false bottom is not recommended for other boil kettles because the custom made BoilerMaker pots feature a stepped bottom. The button louver false bottom sits on this stepped ledge, creating a tight seal. During lauter, the weight of the grains push it down on the ledge, making a tight seal that will virtually eliminate sidewall shunting and the resulting loss of efficiency.

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