Blichmann Engineering Spunding Valve - Tri-Clamp

Item Number: 54-0005

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Blichmann Engineering Spunding Valve - Tri-Clamp

Designed and built by Blichmann Engineering specifically for homebrewers, this Tri-Clamp Spunding Valve is perfect for naturally carbonating your beer, counter-pressure transfers or controlling a pressurized fermentation with exacting precision. Pressurized fermentation is a great choice for creating lager beers at room temperature. The application of pressure during fermentation allows your batch to achieve lager-like flavor profiles without the hassle or cost of temperature control. This valve allows you to control your pressure from 0-35 psi and boasts superb pressure stability.

Spunding Valve Features:
- Tri-Clamp fitting
- Adjustable Pressure from 0-35 PSI
- Integrated Blow-Off Barb
- Suitable for vessels up to 42 gallons (1 BBL batch size)

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