Apex Cultures Dry Brewing Yeast 500G London Ale (English Ale)

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500 Gram Dry Yeast
Apex Cultures Dry Brewing Yeast London Ale (English Ale) - 500 grams

At high temperature, with high gravity wort, Apex London Ale enhances the fruity character of the beer. At low temperatures, Apex London Ale produces a clean finish with a low ester profile. Apex London Ale is popular for its versatility thus can be used for many different beer styles. It sediments heavily and makes very bright products thus is adapted to cask conditioning.

  • Pitching Rate: 50-80 g/hL
  • Fermentation Temperature: 60 - 75 ° F
  • Fermentation Rate: Fast
  • Apparent Attenuation: 75%
  • Flocculation and Sedimentation Ability: High

Great For:
  • French Ales
  • English Ales
  • Belgian Ales
  • Irish Ales

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