Alpha-Galactosidase Enzyme - 3 ct

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Now anyone can make a low-carb beer. This additive reduces the amount of carbohydrates present in beer by converting the unfermentable complex sugars into simple sugars, allowing the yeast to ferment most of the sugars in the wort.
Usage: 3 tablets for 5 gallons of beer. Crush the tablets between two sanitized spoons and add to the wort when pitching the yeast. Requires approximately 2-3 weeks to work completely. Secondary fermentation may require additional time.

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Customer Reviews

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Jan Fischer
Works great

I crushed three tablets and added to the fermenter immediately after pitching yeast. My FG should have been 1.006 and it took it to 1.000. With an approximate 82% efficiency from my Clawhammer Supply BIAB, I was able to turn a little more than six pounds of grains into a great tasting Ultra clone.

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