AHS Cream Ale (6A) - MINI MASH Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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A very popular flavor. A very smooth ale.

Specialty malts: Crystal 40L, Carapils®
Featured hops: Willamette, Fuggle
Other additives: malto dextrin

O.G. = 1.052
F.G. = 1.014
Approximately 5.0% ABV
Approximately 174 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Very Enjoyable

I've only brewed "darker" beers but wanted to try something different. With the good reviews I thought this would be a one to try. I remember drinking Genesee Cream Ale as a teen. Don't remember what that tasted like but this is actually quite nice for a dark beer fan. It's only been 20 days in the bottle but I keep grabbing one anyways. Anxious to see what it's like in a couple more weeks. I will brew this one again, actually have a kit in my cart right now. I'll mention that I am not able to get the beer to clear. I used LD Carlson gelatin finings, that didn't work then tried KC Finings which didn't do anything either. Perhaps in a couple weeks it will settle on it's own.

Wow I really liked this beer

I used the liquid extract version of the recipe. I'm no taste-testing expert so I can say this: It very was easy to drink, smooth and tasted great. I'm a recent convert from Big Corporate Beer and I have to say so far this is the best beer I've ever had!! Now I have to share it with friends if I have any left before they get to my house :D

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Extract, alch boost, and yeast fuel. This beer was delicious. It was very simialr too a magic hat #9. Essiently a not quite pale ale. I am definately going to make this batch a few more times. I would recomend it to anyone.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

I brewed this for my wife, thinking that I wouldn't like it much since I'm a hophead. My wife loved it, I loved it, everyone who tasted it loved it, and it was gone in a week! This is a simple crowd pleaser that I will be making more of.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Cream ale has been a favorite of mine ever since my early days with Cooper's kits. This batch was my first foray into kegging. It took a bit to carbonate but once I had it down it was a great beer. Cream Ale always seems easy to go down easy for those new to homebrews. My parents came to visit right after I tapped it and I couldn't keep my father away from the keg. Friends all gave it high marks too. It is excellent as a daily drink; flavorful but not overpowering by any stretch. The hops are well balanced with the body of the beer. I'll be filling another keg with this soon. There is nothing like coming home from work and pouring a pint into a frosty mug on the way in from the garage.

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