90 Bottle Drainer Tree

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This 90 bottle drain tree's arm segments interlock together for a firm fit to make a solid assembled unit. Its use is simple and it will help to streamline your bottle washing and sterilizing process. When you finish a bottle of wine or homebrew, rinse the bottle and put it on the bottle tree. The inverted bottles will completely drain into the drain tray/stand, drying quickly and completely. The tree does not rotate on its stand.

For sanitizing, the Vinator Bottle Rinser (see below) is a big help. It attaches to the top of the bottle tree. Fill it with sanitizing solution. Take a bottle, invert it on the injector shaft, push up and down a couple times and the sanitizing solution is injected into the bottle. Swirl the sanitizer around in the bottle and hang the bottle back on the tree to drain. The bottles are ready to go.

45 Bottle Drainer Tree pictured.

Dimensions: Base diameter: 15.5" (39cm) Height: 46" (117cm)

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