3 Burner System with 16'' Burner Stands (220,000 BTU)

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3 Burner System with 18'' Burner Stands (220,000 BTU)

Three of our brand new 16" propane burners and the hose to run them off of one propane tank. Both propane burners and stands measure 16" square across the top, perfect for brew pots from 10-30 gallons and even 1/2 barrel keggles. This two burner system is great for full boils and all grain brewing systems.The design allows for easy portability, not limiting you to brewing in a single location.

- Three 4" high pressure burners
- One 30 psi adjustable propane regulator
- Three control valves
- Three 48" of LP Hoses
- Three 16" x 16" x 11" burner stands
- Each burner tops out at 220,000 BTUs

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